(PHP 5)

dbase_get_header_info -- Get the header info of a dBase database


array dbase_get_header_info ( int dbase_identifier)

Returns information on the column structure of the database referenced by dbase_identifier. For each column in the database, there is an entry in a numerically-indexed array. The array index starts at 0. Each array element contains an associative array of column information. If the database header information cannot be read, FALSE is returned.

The array elements are:


The name of the column


The human-readable name for the dbase type of the column (i.e. date, boolean, etc)


The number of bytes this column can hold


The number of digits of decimal precision for the column


A suggested printf() format specifier for the column


The byte offset of the column from the start of the row

Example 1. Showing header information for a dBase database file

// Path to dbase file
$db_path = "/tmp/test.dbf";

// Open dbase file
$dbh = dbase_open($db_path)
    or die(
"Error! Could not open dbase database file '$db_path'.");

// Get column information
$column_info = dbase_get_header_info($dbh);

// Display information

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