(PHP 3, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

jdtojewish --  Converts a Julian day count to a Jewish calendar date


string jdtojewish ( int juliandaycount [, bool hebrew [, int fl]])

Converts a Julian Day Count to the Jewish Calendar.

The optional hebrew and fl parameters became available in PHP 5.0.0

If the hebrew parameter is set to TRUE, the fl parameter is used for Hebrew, string based, output format. The available formats are: CAL_JEWISH_ADD_ALAFIM_GERESH, CAL_JEWISH_ADD_ALAFIM, CAL_JEWISH_ADD_GERESHAYIM.

Example 1. jdtojewish() Example

echo jdtojewish(gregoriantojd(10, 8, 2002), true,

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