(PHP 3>= 3.0.12, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

ldap_errno --  Return the LDAP error number of the last LDAP command


int ldap_errno ( resource link_identifier)

Return the LDAP error number of the last LDAP command for this link.

This function returns the standardized error number returned by the last LDAP command for the given link_identifier. This number can be converted into a textual error message using ldap_err2str().

Unless you lower your warning level in your php.ini sufficiently or prefix your LDAP commands with @ (at) characters to suppress warning output, the errors generated will also show up in your HTML output.

Example 1. Generating and catching an error

// This example contains an error, which we will catch.
$ld = ldap_connect("localhost");
$bind = ldap_bind($ld);
// syntax error in filter expression (errno 87),
// must be "objectclass=*" to work.
$res =  @ldap_search($ld, "o=Myorg, c=DE", "objectclass");
if (!
$res) {
"LDAP-Errno: " . ldap_errno($ld) . "<br />\n";
"LDAP-Error: " . ldap_error($ld) . "<br />\n";
"Argh!<br />\n");
$info = ldap_get_entries($ld, $res);
$info["count"] . " matching entries.<br />\n";

See also ldap_err2str() and ldap_error().

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