(PHP 3, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

mysql_tablename -- Get table name of field


string mysql_tablename ( resource result, int i)

mysql_tablename() takes a result pointer returned by the mysql_list_tables() function as well as an integer index and returns the name of a table. The mysql_num_rows() function may be used to determine the number of tables in the result pointer. Use the mysql_tablename() function to traverse this result pointer, or any function for result tables, such as mysql_fetch_array().

Example 1. mysql_tablename() example

("localhost", "mysql_user", "mysql_password");
$result = mysql_list_tables("mydb");

for (
$i = 0; $i < mysql_num_rows($result); $i++) {
"Table: ", mysql_tablename($result, $i), "\n";


See also mysql_list_tables().

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