(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

ob_get_flush --  Flush the output buffer, return it as a string and turn off output buffering


string ob_get_flush ( void )

ob_get_flush() flushs the output buffer, return it as a string and turns off output buffering. ob_get_flush() returns FALSE if no buffering is active.

Note: This function is similar to ob_end_flush(), except that this function returns the buffer as a string.

Example 1. ob_get_flush() example

//using output_buffering=On

//save buffer in a file
$buffer = ob_get_flush();
file_put_contents('buffer.txt', $buffer);


The above example will output:

    [0] => default output handler

See also ob_end_clean(), ob_end_flush() and ob_list_handlers().

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