(PHP 3>= 3.0.7, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

ocicommit -- Commits outstanding transactions


bool ocicommit ( resource connection)

ocicommit() commits all outstanding statements for the active transaction on Oracle connection connection.

This example demonstrates how ocicommit() is used.

Example 1. ocicommit() example

// Login to Oracle server
$conn = OCILogon('scott', 'tiger');
// Parse SQL
$stmt = OCIParse($conn, "INSERT INTO employees (name, surname) VALUES ('Maxim', 'Maletsky')");

// Execute statement

// Commit transaction
$committed = OCICommit($conn);

// Test whether commit was successful. If error occurred, return error message
if (!$committed) {
$error = OCIError($conn);
'Commit failed. Oracle reports: ' . $error['message'];

// Close connection

Note: This function was renamed to oci_commit() after PHP >= 5.0.0. For downward compatibility ocicommit() can also be used. This is deprecated, however.

See also ocirollback().

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