(PHP 3>= 3.0.7, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

ocierror -- Return the last error of stmt|conn|global


array ocierror ( [resource stmt|conn|global])

ocierror() returns the last error found. If the optional stmt|conn|global is not provided, the last error encountered is returned. If no error is found, ocierror() returns FALSE. ocierror() returns the error as an associative array. In this array, code consists the oracle error code and message the oracle errorstring.

As of PHP 4.3: offset and sqltext will also be included in the return array to indicate the location of the error and the original SQL text which caused it.

Note: This function was renamed to oci_error() after PHP >= 5.0.0. For downward compatibility ocierror() can also be used. This is deprecated, however.

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