(PHP 3, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

ora_fetch_into -- Fetch a row into the specified result array


int ora_fetch_into ( resource cursor, array result [, int flags])

Fetches a row of data into an array. The flags has two flag values: if the ORA_FETCHINTO_NULLS flag is set, columns with NULL values are set in the array; and if the ORA_FETCHINTO_ASSOC flag is set, an associative array is created.

Returns the number of columns fetched.

Example 1. ora_fetch_into()

= array();
ora_fetch_into($cursor, $results);
$results = array();
ora_fetch_into($cursor, $results, ORA_FETCHINTO_NULLS|ORA_FETCHINTO_ASSOC);

See also ora_parse(),ora_exec(), ora_fetch(), and ora_do().

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