(PHP 4 , PHP 5)

preg_grep --  Return array entries that match the pattern


array preg_grep ( string pattern, array input [, int flags])

preg_grep() returns the array consisting of the elements of the input array that match the given pattern.

flags can be the following flag:


If this flag is passed, preg_grep() returns the elements of the input array that do not match the given pattern. This flag is available since PHP 4.2.0.

Since PHP 4.0.4, the results returned by preg_grep() are indexed using the keys from the input array. If this behavior is undesirable, use array_values() on the array returned by preg_grep() to reindex the values.

Example 1. preg_grep() example

// return all array elements
// containing floating point numbers
$fl_array = preg_grep("/^(\d+)?\.\d+$/", $array);

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