(PHP 3 CVS only)

sesam_affected_rows --  Get number of rows affected by an immediate query


int sesam_affected_rows ( string result_id)

result_id is a valid result id returned by sesam_query().

Returns the number of rows affected by a query associated with result_id.

The sesam_affected_rows() function can only return useful values when used in combination with "immediate" SQL statements (updating operations like INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE) because SESAM does not deliver any "affected rows" information for "select type" queries. The number returned is the number of affected rows.

Example 1. sesam_affected_rows() example

= sesam_execimm("DELETE FROM PHONE WHERE LASTNAME = '" . strtoupper($name) . "'");
if (!
$result) {
/* ... error ... */
" entries with last name " . $name . " deleted.\n";

See also sesam_query() and sesam_execimm().

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