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Default *1st Page 2003/4 Sneak Preview* - Have Your Say Here...

*** NEW UPDATES*****

Dear Fellow Users,

We're proud to announce that Evrsoft 1st Page 2003/2004 is nearing it's final development phase. You can preview some final beta screenshots at [url]http://www.evrsoft.com/sneak-peak/[/url]

What's New in Evrsoft 1st Page 2003?

- Instant Scripts will be packed with over 1000+ Javascripts, DHTML Scripts. Online Update allows users to download new scripts published from Evrsoft on a monthly basis.

- Huge Improvement over FTP engine (1st Transfer). FTP engine can now upload and download multiple files, directories, CHMOD permissions, able to preview owner permissions, Binary/Ascii auto detection, AutoUpload (automatically scans all the files within a HTML document and uploads any files related/linked to the document such as Images, other HTML documents, Java applets, Flash files, music files, etc). FTP engine is amazingly fast and is comparable to CuteFTP.

- CSS Editor, covers every tag, property, attribute within the Cascading Style Sheets language. Includes real-time preview window to see CSS changes such as changing a font will render the CSS code to a browser window.

- Added Meta Tag generator, covers all aspects of improving search engine ranking amongst Google, MSN, Yahoo and AlltheWeb.

- GreenTooth Extensions. Allows users to custom make their own HTML dialogs.

- Deluxe Popup Maker. Allows for advanced popup window creation. Popup Windows can be made to appear on mouseover, on click, on page load. Allows users to define popup size, location, status and more.

- Scrollber Designer. Allows users to change the colors and attributes of the Browser Window Scrollbar. Includes real-time preview window to see changes immediately.

- Added Visual Source tab based on AI-RTS rendering engine.
The BEST semi-WYSIWYG html solution on the market. Allows Dreamweaver style HTML editing without junk code addition/modification. Provides over 94.7% accurancy in browser rendering. The closest thing to WYSIWYG without the unwanted code junk!

- Added QDesign Tab. 100% WYSIWYG editing tool to allow for quick visual editing of HTML documents. Based partially and similar to the Microsoft Frontpage product. Allows for quick table editing, font, style and design changes, etc.

- Changed to OfficeXP/Windows XP appearance. Toolbars are based on the new Office XP specifications. Hi-res 265 colors or higher button images.

- Dockable Windows. From the Explorer tab to the Snippets, Help or QTags Sidebar tab, everything can be docked in multiple groups of single docked. Windows can be floating, docked or grouped. Allows for total user personalization.

- Added Multiple Font Groups. Lets users define groups of fonts and then allows users to later deploy Font changes from a dropdown list.

- Added Source Window - Allows for twin editing mode. Updates from either windows are updated immediately. Changes to either Source window (primary/secondary) are updated on the fly.

- Full PHP Syntax highlighting, Cold Fusion, HTML, XHTML and more!

- All PHP Tags, Attributes, Variables have been introduced in QTags.

- SQL, XHTML Tags introduced to the QTags List.

- myAssets (previously myCode) tab now supports Folders. Also supports previewing of Images, Page templates.

- Advanced Color Picker tool replacing Old Color picker tool. New color picking tool allows for on-screen point and click color choosing. Also remembers last used colors and full support for web safe colors.

- Fixed Ctrl-V, Ctrl-C, Ctrl-Home keys to application default.

- Fixed Wordwrap Bug.

- SSI Render parser added. Users can preview a normal HTML document with SSI tags. When users preview this document, the Preview window will parse the SSI Include tag to include other documents when previewing.

- The Preview engine powered by MS Internet Explorer is now dynamically created to reduce memory footprint.

- Global Find and Global Replace now added. Allows search and replace in multiple files, includes backup first option, sub directory search, grep search and more! Engine has been optimized to be verrryyyy fast .

- There is now a huge improvement when loading 1st Page due to removal of some components which slowed down the loading process. Code optimization also reduce page loading by a huge factor.

- Open Dialog / Explorer permits opening of multiple Files. Close All option added.

- Thumbnails Display. Users can thumbnail a directory for easier image selection.

- Added Online Tools. Keyword tracker, Search engine submitter, Link popularity tool now accessible within seconds!

- TidyHTML supports save/load of configuration files.

- Tag Insight allows for rapid code selection. Tag Insight includes description for each tag and attribute. *Unique*

- Tag Auto Completion. Automatically closes common tags such as <table>, <strong>, etc.

- XHTML Support

- Image Mapper to create seamless HTML image maps.

- HTML Property Sheet. Quickly edit and modify code on the fly!

Todo List
*Modify DHTML DropDown Menu Builder to reflect new Netscape release
* Speed up Property Sheet Editor
* Improve FTP GUI Interface
* Improve Image Mapper Interface
* Template Manager
* 1st Page Documentation

More to come...

We hope to get this release out to you within December 2003 or January 2004.

Evrsoft Founder

Have your say ....
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