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Search Engine Position Analyzer

This service will search 10 search engines for specified keyword terms. It will then report the position/rank (if any) of the specified URL. It can also make sure that your URL is listed. This will save you a significant amount of time and help insure that your site is properly listed with the highest possible ranking. Nothing will affect traffic to your site more significantly than a high listing or even a listing in the major search engines. We suggest that you use this service at least once per week.

To begin, fill out the form below.
URL to search for:
What words should I search for?
What search engines should I check? Alta Vista
AOL Search
Direct Hit
MSN Search
Netscape Search
Northern Light

Note: Only press "Check it" once - it takes around 5 seconds for each search engine, so if you selected all 10 you can expect to wait around 50 seconds - which is a lot quicker than doing it by hand!


  • URL: this is the thing that begins with http:// that people type in to get to your page
  • Keywords to search for: these are what the script will search for when looking for your page.
    While the actual time it takes per search engine varies greatly, you can probably expect each search engine to add about 5 seconds. While this is considerably faster than doing it by hand, it does tend to add up. In short, if you leave all 10 search engines checked, you can expect it to take about 50 seconds or so.

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