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.htaccess Generator

.htaccess File Wizard
The .htaccess is a simple method that allows you to customise the way the webserver works on a per directory basis. The .htaccess file is a simple ASCII text file, which when placed in a certain directory in your webspace, will cause the webserver to use that configuration on all files in that directory and any files in any subdirectories.

When you have finished creating your .htaccess code, click on the "Select All" button and copy (CTRL + C) and paste (CTRL + V) the code into a text editor and save the file as .htaccess. The .htaccess file should have the name ".htaccess" (all lowercase), and can either be created using a command line text editor when logged in using ssh or can be uploaded by ftp.

  • Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute copies of this htaccess wizard. Changing it is allowed.
  • You're using this online htaccess wizard at your own risk. We cannot provide support for current application!
  • Hotlink Protection
    Many servers can stop/limit remote linking using a file named .htaccess in the root directory of your website. By building a custom .htaccess file you can allow linking of images from your server only!

    Enter your url without http:// and www:

    Enter your path to custom 404 (server or web path)
    Custom "File not found" page. Enter the URL or server path. See examples below:
    Example 1:
    Example 2: /server/path/to/file
    Example 3: /error.php

    Different Default Home Page
    Many webserver's default filename is set to "index.html", if you would like to use different file name, enter it below.

    Cache Control
    Custom proxy cache setting
    • If access is used, the date of expiration is different for each client (good for image files)
    • If modification is selected, all current copies of the document in all caches will expire at the same time (good for something like a monthly notice that is always found at the same page)
    Password Protection
    For those users who want to password protect a directory on their site

    Enter the server path to your password file:

    Enter the text you would like to display on "Username and Password dialog box"

    .htaccess file contents

    Encrypted Password Generator
    This utility will create the entries for the password file to protect a directory. Once you have all the entries for your password file, name the file .htpasswd and upload it to the directory of your choice in ASCII mode. For security reasons, do not upload the file to the same location/directory with the .htaccess

    Username:      Password: Confirm Password:   

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