(PHP 4 , PHP 5)

get_class -- Returns the name of the class of an object


string get_class ( object obj)

This function returns the name of the class of which the object obj is an instance. Returns FALSE if obj is not an object.

Note: A class defined in a PHP extension is returned in its original notation. In PHP 4 get_class() returns a user defined class name in lowercase, but in PHP 5 it will return the class name in it's original notation too, just like class names from PHP extensions.

Example 1. Using get_class()


class foo {
// implements some logic

"My name is " , get_class($this) , "\n";

// create an object
$bar = new foo();

// external call
echo "Its name is " , get_class($bar) , "\n";

// internal call


The output is:

Its name is foo
My name is foo

See also get_parent_class(), gettype(), and is_subclass_of().

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