(PHP 3>= 3.0.9, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

imagepsbbox --  Give the bounding box of a text rectangle using PostScript Type1 fonts


array imagepsbbox ( string text, int font, int size [, int space [, int tightness [, float angle]]])

size is expressed in pixels.

space allows you to change the default value of a space in a font. This amount is added to the normal value and can also be negative.

tightness allows you to control the amount of white space between characters. This amount is added to the normal character width and can also be negative.

angle is in degrees.

Parameters space and tightness are expressed in character space units, where 1 unit is 1/1000th of an em-square.

Parameters space, tightness, and angle are optional.

The bounding box is calculated using information available from character metrics, and unfortunately tends to differ slightly from the results achieved by actually rasterizing the text. If the angle is 0 degrees, you can expect the text to need 1 pixel more to every direction.

Note: This function is only available if PHP is compiled using --enable-t1lib.

This function returns an array containing the following elements:

0lower left x-coordinate
1lower left y-coordinate
2upper right x-coordinate
3upper right y-coordinate

See also imagepstext().

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