(PHP 3>= 3.0.12, PHP 4 , PHP 5)

imap_search --  This function returns an array of messages matching the given search criteria


array imap_search ( resource imap_stream, string criteria, int options)

This function performs a search on the mailbox currently opened in the given imap stream. criteria is a string, delimited by spaces, in which the following keywords are allowed. Any multi-word arguments (e.g. FROM "joey smith") must be quoted.

For example, to match all unanswered messages sent by Mom, you'd use: "UNANSWERED FROM mom". Searches appear to be case insensitive. This list of criteria is from a reading of the UW c-client source code and may be incomplete or inaccurate (see also RFC2060, section 6.4.4).

Valid values for flags are SE_UID, which causes the returned array to contain UIDs instead of messages sequence numbers.

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