(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6, PHP 5)

mb_convert_kana --  Convert "kana" one from another ("zen-kaku", "han-kaku" and more)


string mb_convert_kana ( string str, string option [, mixed encoding])

mb_convert_kana() performs "han-kaku" - "zen-kaku" conversion for string str. It returns converted string. This function is only useful for Japanese.

option is conversion option. Default value is "KV".

encoding is character encoding. If it is omitted, internal character encoding is used.

Specify with combination of following options. Default value is KV.

Table 1. Applicable Conversion Options

r Convert "zen-kaku" alphabets to "han-kaku"
R Convert "han-kaku" alphabets to "zen-kaku"
n Convert "zen-kaku" numbers to "han-kaku"
N Convert "han-kaku" numbers to "zen-kaku"
a Convert "zen-kaku" alphabets and numbers to "han-kaku"
A Convert "han-kaku" alphabets and numbers to "zen-kaku" (Characters included in "a", "A" options are U+0021 - U+007E excluding U+0022, U+0027, U+005C, U+007E)
s Convert "zen-kaku" space to "han-kaku" (U+3000 -> U+0020)
S Convert "han-kaku" space to "zen-kaku" (U+0020 -> U+3000)
k Convert "zen-kaku kata-kana" to "han-kaku kata-kana"
K Convert "han-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku kata-kana"
h Convert "zen-kaku hira-gana" to "han-kaku kata-kana"
H Convert "han-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku hira-gana"
c Convert "zen-kaku kata-kana" to "zen-kaku hira-gana"
C Convert "zen-kaku hira-gana" to "zen-kaku kata-kana"
V Collapse voiced sound notation and convert them into a character. Use with "K","H"

Example 1. mb_convert_kana() example

/* Convert all "kana" to "zen-kaku" "kata-kana" */
$str = mb_convert_kana($str, "KVC");

/* Convert "han-kaku" "kata-kana" to "zen-kaku" "kata-kana"
   and "zen-kaku" alpha-numeric to "han-kaku" */
$str = mb_convert_kana($str, "KVa");

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