(PHP 4 >= 4.3.0, PHP 5)

pg_get_notify -- Ping database connection


array pg_get_notify ( resource connection [, int result_type])

pg_get_notify() gets notify message sent by NOTIFY SQL command. To receive notify messages, LISTEN SQL command must be issued. If there is notify message on the connection, array contains message name and backend PID is returned. If there is no message, FALSE is returned.

See also pg_get_pid()

Example 1. PostgreSQL NOTIFY message

= pg_pconnect("dbname=publisher");
if (!
$conn) {
"An error occured.\n";

// Listen 'author_updated' message from other processes
pg_query($conn, 'LISTEN author_updated;');
$notify = pg_get_notify($conn);
if (!
$notify) {
"No messages\n";
} else {

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