(PHP 4 >= 4.0.1, PHP 5)

pg_trace -- Enable tracing a PostgreSQL connection


bool pg_trace ( string pathname [, string mode [, resource connection]])

pg_trace() enables tracing of the PostgreSQL frontend/backend communication to a debugging file specified as pathname. To fully understand the results, one needs to be familiar with the internals of PostgreSQL communication protocol. For those who are not, it can still be useful for tracing errors in queries sent to the server, you could do for example grep '^To backend' trace.log and see what query actually were sent to the PostgreSQL server. For more information, refer to PostgreSQL manual.

pathname and mode are the same as in fopen() (mode defaults to 'w'), connection specifies the connection to trace and defaults to the last one opened.

pg_trace() returns TRUE if pathname could be opened for logging, FALSE otherwise.

See also fopen() and pg_untrace().

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