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printer_select_pen -- Select a pen


void printer_select_pen ( resource printer_handle, resource pen_handle)

The function selects a pen as the active drawing object of the actual device context. A pen is used to draw lines and curves. I.e. if you draw a single line the pen is used. If you draw an rectangle the pen is used to draw the borders, while the brush is used to fill the shape. If you haven't selected a pen before drawing shapes, the shape won't be outlined. printer_handle must be a valid handle to a printer. pen_handle must be a valid handle to a pen.

Example 1. printer_select_pen() example

= printer_open();
printer_start_doc($handle, "My Document");

$pen = printer_create_pen(PRINTER_PEN_SOLID, 30, "2222FF");
printer_select_pen($handle, $pen);

printer_draw_line($handle, 1, 60, 500, 60);



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