(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0, PHP 5)

session_cache_expire -- Return current cache expire


int session_cache_expire ( [int new_cache_expire])

session_cache_expire() returns the current setting of session.cache_expire. The value returned should be read in minutes, defaults to 180. If new_cache_expire is given, the current cache expire is replaced with new_cache_expire.

The cache expire is reset to the default value of 180 stored in session.cache_limiter at request startup time. Thus, you need to call session_cache_expire() for every request (and before session_start() is called).

Example 1. session_cache_expire() example


/* set the cache limiter to 'private' */

$cache_limiter = session_cache_limiter();

/* set the cache expire to 30 minutes */
$cache_expire = session_cache_expire();

/* start the session */


"The cache limiter is now set to $cache_limiter</ br>";
"The cached session pages expire after $cache_expire minutes";

Note: Setting new_cache_expire is of value only, if session.cache_limiter is set to a value different from nocache.

See also the configuration settings session.cache_expire, session.cache_limiter and session_cache_limiter().

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