(PHP 5)

sqlite_array_query -- Execute a query against a given database and returns an array.


array sqlite_array_query ( resource dbhandle, string query [, int result_type [, bool decode_binary]])

array sqlite_array_query ( string query, resource dbhandle [, int result_type [, bool decode_binary]])

sqlite_array_query() is similar to calling sqlite_query() and then sqlite_fetch_array() for each row of the result set and storing it into an array, as shown in the example below. Calling sqlite_array_query() is significantly faster than using such a script.

Example 1. sqlite_array_query() implemented yourself

= sqlite_query($dbhandle, "SELECT * from foo LIMIT 100");
$rows = array();
while (
$r = sqlite_fetch_array($q)) {
$rows[] = $r;

Tip: sqlite_array_query() is best suited to queries returning 45 rows or less. If you have more data than that, it is recommended that you write your scripts to use sqlite_unbuffered_query() instead for more optimal performance.

See also sqlite_query(), sqlite_fetch_array(), and sqlite_fetch_string().

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