Backward Incompatible Changes

Although most existing PHP 4 code should work without changes, you should pay attention to the following backward incompatible changes:

Example B-1. strrpos() and strripos() now use the entire string as a needle

(strrpos('ABCDEF','DEF')); //int(3)

var_dump(strrpos('ABCDEF','DAF')); //bool(false)

Example B-2. An object with no properties is no longer considered "empty"

class test { }
$t = new test();

var_dump(empty($t)); // echo bool(false)

if (!$t) {
// Will be executed

The following example was valid in PHP 4, although it will produce a fatal error in PHP 5.

Example B-3. Classes must be declared before used

= new fubar();

fubar {
barfu() {

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