CXVIII. xdiff Functions


xdiff extension creates and applies patches to both text and binary files.


To use xdiff, you will need libxdiff installed, available on the libxdiff homepage


xdiff is currently available through PECL

If PEAR is available on your *nix-like system you can use the pear installer to install the xdiff extension, by the following command: pear -v install xdiff.

You can always download the tar.gz package and install xdiff by hand:

Example 1. xdiff install by hand

gunzip xdiff-xxx.tgz
tar -xvf xdiff-xxx.tar
cd xdiff-xxx
./configure && make && make install

Predefined Constants

The constants below are defined by this extension, and will only be available when the extension has either been compiled into PHP or dynamically loaded at runtime.



Table of Contents
xdiff_file_diff_binary --  Make binary diff of two files.
xdiff_file_diff --  Make unified diff of two files.
xdiff_file_merge3 --  Merge 3 files into one.
xdiff_file_patch_binary --  Patch a file with a binary diff.
xdiff_file_patch --  Patch a file with an unified diff.
xdiff_string_diff_binary --  Make binary diff of two strings.
xdiff_string_diff --  Make unified diff of two strings.
xdiff_string_merge3 --  Merge 3 strings into one.
xdiff_string_patch_binary --  Patch a string with a binary diff.
xdiff_string_patch --  Patch a string with an unified diff.

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