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100 Excellent Words and 70 Action Getting Phrases for Ad Writing

By DeAnna Spencer
Posted Monday, February 7, 2005

100 Excellent Words

1. Absolutely.
2. Amazing.
3. Approved.
4. Attractive.
5. Authentic.
6. Bargain.
7. Beautiful.
8. Better.
9. Big.
10. Colorful.
11. Colossal.
12. Complete.
13. Confidential.
14. Crammed.
15. Delivered.
16. Direct.
17. Discount.
18. Easily.
19. Endorsed.
20. Enormous.
21. Excellent.
22. Exciting.
23. Exclusive.
24. Expert.
25. Famous.
26. Fascinating.
27. Fortune.
28. Full.
29. Genuine.
30. Gift.
31. Gigantic.
32. Greatest.
33. Guaranteed.
34. Helpful.
35. Highest.
36. Huge.
37. Immediately.
38. Improved.
39. Informative.
40. Instructive.
41. Interesting.
42. Largest.
43. Latest.
44. Lavishly.
45. Liberal.
46. Lifetime.
47. Limited.
48. Lowest.
49. Magic.
50. Mammoth.
51. Miracle.
52. Noted.
53. Odd.
54. Outstanding.
55. Personalized.
56. Popular.
57. Powerful.
58. Practical.
59. Professional.
60. Profitable.
61. Profusely.
62. Proven.
63. Quality.
64. Quickly.
65. Rare.
66. Reduced.
67. Refundable.
68. Remarkable.
69. Reliable.
70. Revealing.
71. Revolutionary.
72. Scarce.
73. Secrets.
74. Security.
75. Selected.
76. Sensational.
77. Simplified.
78. Sizable.
79. Special.
80. Startling.
81. Strange.
82. Strong.
83. Sturdy.
84. Successful.
85. Superior.
86. Surprise.
87. Terrific.
88. Tested.
89. Tremendous.
90. Unconditional.
91. Unique.
92. Unlimited.
93. Unparalleled.
94. Unsurpassed.
95. Unusual.
96. Useful.
97. Valuable.
98. Wealth.
99. Weird.
100. Wonderful.

70 Action getting phrases.

Act now! Send your name. All sent free to introduce. Amazing literature. Free. Ask for free folder. Bargain lists sent free. Be first to qualify. Booklet free. Catalog included free. Complete details free. Current list free. Dealers write for prices. Description sent free. Details free. Dime brings details. Everything supplied. Exciting details free. Extra for promptness. First lesson, 25 cents. Folder free. For literature write. Free booklet explains. Free plans tell how. Free selling kit. Free wholesale plan. Free with approvals. Full particulars free. Get facts that help. Get started today. Get your copy now. Get yours wholesale. Gifts with purchases. Illustrated lists free. Interesting details free. Investigate today. It’s free. Act Now. Literature free. Mail material to: Money making facts free. No obligation. Write! Offer limited. Send today. Only 10 cents to introduce. Order direct from: Order Now. Don’t delay. Particulars free. Postcard brings details. Request free literature. Revealing booklet free. Rush name for details. Sales kit furnished. Sample details free. Samples sent on trial. See before you buy. Send for free details. Send for it today. Send no money. Send postcard today. Send 15 cents for mailing. Send today. Send your want lists. Stamp brings details. Stamped envelope brings. Test lesson free. Unique sample offer. Valuable details free. Write for free booklet. Write us first! Yours for the asking. 37-cent stamp for details. $1 brings complete 32-page catalog free.

The key is to combine your words: EXAMPLE: “The Magic Mammoth Miracle”; “The Three ‘M’ Program”. This has already caught the attention and interest of your prospect. Now for example, say: The Money Making Facts Are Free. Simply fill out the form on my website or whatever action it is you want them to take. Fill in with a few details and you have an excellent Profit Pulling Ad. Of course you should be creative, but make sure to build your ads around these words and phrases. Make sure that your follow-up material is as interesting as the ad so you can get orders.

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