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How to Write Classified Ads that Get Results Now
[Feb. 17, 2005] How to write classified ads that get results now? By DeAnna Spencer
10 Secrets for Free Media Placement
[Feb. 17, 2005] 10 secrets for free media placement By Marisa D'Vari
Seven Tips To Get Your Press Release Noticed
[Feb. 16, 2005] Seven tips to get your press release noticed By Danielle Hollister
How to Work with Newspaper Photographers
[Feb. 16, 2005] How to work with newspaper photographers? By Joan Stewart
The 7 Deadly Sins of Press Releases
[Feb. 16, 2005] The 7 deadly sins of press releases By Joan Stewart
Advertising Is Dead. Long Live PR
[Feb. 16, 2005] Advertising is dead. Long live PR By Harry Hoover
Editorial Calendars: A Key to Publicizing Your Business
[Feb. 16, 2005] Editorial calendars: A key to publicizing your business By Bill Stoller
Press Releases for Every Occasion
[Feb. 16, 2005] Press releases for every occasion By Bill Stoller
Do You Have A Press Package?
[Feb. 16, 2005] Do you have a press package? By Sue And Chuck DeFiore
How to Get $1000 worth of Advertising for $60
[Feb. 15, 2005] How to get $1000 worth of advertising for $60? By Jeffrey Dobkin
Make Sure Your Media Room Rocks
[Feb. 15, 2005] Make sure your media room rocks By Lois Carter Fay
Writing A Press Release
[Feb. 15, 2005] How to write a press release? By Sue And Chuck DeFiore
10 Secrets to Get Your Press Release Noticed
[Feb. 15, 2005] 10 secrets to get your press release noticed By Shannon Cherry
The PR And Marketing Expert Has A Smattering Of Knowledge Regarding Nearly Everything And Is Certain
[Feb. 15, 2005] How to be good at public-relations marketing, advertising and sales? By Mr Jody Hudson
E-Mail Media Releases
[Feb. 15, 2005] E-mail media releases By Cathy Stucker
Top Ten Tips for Writing your Best Press Release Ever
[Feb. 15, 2005] Top ten tips for writing your best press release ever By Susan Valeri
Get Write To It
[Feb. 15, 2005] A few tips and tricks to help you beat writer's block By Harry Hoover
Public Relations Writing: Write Better Press Release Headlines With More Impact in Less Time
[Feb. 14, 2005] Write better press release headlines with more impact in less time By Thomas Murrell
Gaining Free Publicity Through Press Releases
[Feb. 13, 2005] Gaining free publicity through press releases By Kathleen Gage
Celebrities Can't Have It Both Ways
[Feb. 13, 2005] About relating the brand with the favorite star By Michael Levine
Making The Most Of Newsletters
[Feb. 12, 2005] Making the most of newsletters By Sue And Chuck DeFiore
Annoy-Free Writing: Word Mix-Ups and Apostrophes
[Feb. 8, 2005] Annoy-free writing: Word mix-ups and apostrophes By Meryl K. Evans
Understanding Internet Banner Advertising
[Feb. 8, 2005] Understanding internet banner advertising By Henry J. Fasthoff, IV
Attention-Grabbing Fixes that Make Your Yellow Page Ad Leap Off the Page
[Feb. 8, 2005] Attention-grabbing fixes that make your yellow page ad leap off the page By Dr. Lynella Grant
Promote yourself on radio for free
[Feb. 8, 2005] Promote yourself on radio for free By Mark Barnes
Ads Don't Sell - People Do !
[Feb. 8, 2005] Ads don't sell - People do By Mike McDaniel
Hit Them With Benefits
[Feb. 8, 2005] More about advertising By Mike McDaniel
Testimonials Convert Prospects Into Buyers
[Feb. 8, 2005] Testimonials convert prospects into buyers By Bob Leduc
Advertising For The Long Haul and Not the Short Term Gains
[Feb. 8, 2005] Advertising for the long haul and not the short term gains By Louis Victor
Localized Advertising – Door-to-Door Ad Distribution on the Fly!
[Feb. 7, 2005] About localized advertising By Eric Smith
How To Write More Powerful Brochures, Leaflets And Catalogues
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to write more powerful brochures, leaflets and catalogues? By Suzan St Maur
Why Most Advertisements Stink!
[Feb. 7, 2005] Why most advertisements stink? By Shawn Meldrum
What’s the Score?
[Feb. 7, 2005] Which ads are working and which should be put on the bench? By Shawn Meldrum
Three Keys to Crafting Successful Print Ads
[Feb. 7, 2005] Three keys to crafting successful print ads By Michele Pariza Wacek
In Advertising Bigger isn’t Always Better
[Feb. 7, 2005] In advertising bigger isn’t always better By Louis Victor
Ten Secrets for Getting FREE Advertising
[Feb. 7, 2005] Ten secrets for getting free advertising By Catherine Franz
Marketing Tips - Advertising
[Feb. 7, 2005] Marketing tips - Advertising By Sue And Chuck DeFiore
Secrets And Top-Tips Of Mail Order Advertising
[Feb. 7, 2005] Secrets and top-tips of mail order advertising By DeAnna Spencer
What Makes Advertising Successful?
[Feb. 7, 2005] What makes advertising successful? By DeAnna Spencer
Pros and Cons of Establishing an In-House Ad Agency
[Feb. 7, 2005] Pros and cons of establishing an in-house ad agency By DeAnna Spencer
How to Write Ads that Pull Orders
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to write ads that pull orders? By DeAnna Spencer
100 Excellent Words and 70 Action Getting Phrases for Ad Writing
[Feb. 7, 2005] 100 excellent words and 70 action getting phrases for ad writing By DeAnna Spencer
16 Methods for Getting Free Advertising
[Feb. 7, 2005] 16 methods for getting free advertising By DeAnna Spencer
The $500.00 A Month Plan
[Feb. 7, 2005] Start your own advertising and mailing business at home By Julia Tang
The Inside Secrets Of Free Publicity For Your Business
[Feb. 7, 2005] The inside secrets of free publicity for your business By Julia Tang
Secrets to Get Free Advertising
[Feb. 7, 2005] Secrets to get free advertising By Julia Tang
Where To Call For Free Advertising And Free Business Advice
[Feb. 7, 2005] Where to call for free advertising and free business advice? By Julia Tang
Why Radio Advertising Could Be The Best Thing You Ever Did For Your Business
[Feb. 7, 2005] Why radio advertising could be the best thing you ever did for your business? By Michele Pariza Wacek
Unlock The Power Of Online Groups
[Feb. 7, 2005] Unlock the power of online groups By Corey Morehouse
How To Tame The Buying Beast Inside Your Customer
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to tame the buying beast inside your customer? By Fahad Hassen
Driving Customers to You - Your Car as a Marketing Vehicle
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to turn your car as a marketing vehicle? By Cathy Stucker
Not Another Calendar! - Choose Advertising Specialties That Sell
[Feb. 7, 2005] Choose advertising specialties that sell By Cathy Stucker
Prove It! - Give Your Marketing and Advertising More Credibility
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to give your marketing and advertising more credibility? By Cathy Stucker
Write Attention Getting Advertisements
[Feb. 7, 2005] How to write attention getting advertisements? By DeAnna Spencer
The ONLY Type Of Advertising People LOVE!!
[Feb. 7, 2005] The only type of advertising people love By Scott Rauber
Buying Radio? Read This and Don't Waste Your Money
[Feb. 7, 2005] Buying radio? Read this and don't waste your money By John Jordan
Go Ahead I'm Listening
[Feb. 7, 2005] Advertisment in radio By Nancy Fraser
Advertising on a Budget -- Part 3: Frequency, Frequency, Frequency
[Feb. 6, 2005] Advertising on a budget By Michele Pariza Wacek
Advertising on a Budget -- Part 2: Thinking Small
[Feb. 6, 2005] Advertising on a budget By Michele Pariza Wacek
Finding Your Target Market
[Feb. 6, 2005] How to find your target market? By Elizabeth McGee
Advertising Primer for Fast Learners
[Feb. 6, 2005] Fundamentals of good advertising By Nancy Fraser
Don't Be a Secret Agent
[Feb. 6, 2005] How to use business cards? By Gina Novelle
Reach vs. Frequency: Touch 100 Once or 25 Four Times
[Feb. 6, 2005] Reach vs. frequency when planning advertising campaigns By Julie Chance
The Online Equivalent of an Effective Bewspaper Advertisement is FREE
[Feb. 6, 2005] The online equivalent of an effective bewspaper advertisement is free By Christopher Kyalo
How to Write B2B Ads That Catch Customers
[Feb. 6, 2005] How to write B2B ads that catch customers? By Steve Koons
Marketing Messages with Add Zest & Appeal
[Feb. 6, 2005] Marketing messages with add zest & appeal By Alicia Smith
WARNING to Home Based and Small Business Who Want to Buy Television Cable Advertising
[Feb. 6, 2005] Warning to home based and small business who want to buy television cable advertising By Letitia Wright
When Advertising Wears Out
[Feb. 6, 2005] When advertising wears out By Mark Levit
7 Unique Ways To Get FREE Advertising
[Feb. 6, 2005] 7 unique ways to get free advertising By Kenth Nasstrom
Creditability In Advertising
[Feb. 6, 2005] Creditability in advertising By S. Nestor

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