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Why Your Sales Copy Should Be Written As If It Will Never Be Read At All!

By Brett Laffin
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

What is enthusiasm?

Well, consulting good ol' Mr. Webster, you could stake a claim that enthusiasm is "an absorbing possession of the mind by an interest, study, or pursuit; [an] ardent interest."

Isn't that a typical Webster's dictionary for you? It gives you the literal meaning of the word, but fails to actually convey its true essence.

When I think of 'enthusiasm', I immediately think of a wise saying that you may have heard:

"The true spirit of enthusiasm can be found in its own last four letters: 'I Am Sold Myself'."

You see, enthusiasm is a lot like passion. One cannot be merely 'excited' about something and at the same time be 'passionate' about it.

Passion involves every aspect of your existence, combined into one big swirl of dedication, love, and appreciation for something or someone.

Before you go any further in your career - or in your life - you must ask yourself the question, "Am I enthusiastic about what I am doing right now?" If you take into consideration the wisdom in the passage above, you may be surprised at your own answer.

To be enthusiastic about something is to be so involved with the idea of its existence, potential, and prospects in the future, that you yourself believe in it whole-heartedly, 110%.

When you write your sales copy, be sure to let your enthusiasm SHINE through your words. Too many people simply state what a product can do for a customer if he or she purchases it.

Instead, try not to word your copy to be read like 'sales material'. In fact, you should aim to craft your copy like it won't be read at all! Your words should seem like YOU YOURSELF are standing in front of your customer, discussing the incredible aspects of your product with them!

For example, you may have a sales pitch like...

"Brand new software eliminates the need for hours and hours of keyword searches!"

...But when you let your enthusiasm into the picture, that stale sale pitch could become...

"What would you pay to spend two more hours with your family TONIGHT, instead of working on the Internet? Help has finally arrived!"

You see how much more intriguing the second headline reads? It doesn't give too much about the product away right off the bat, but it directly represents how your product will HELP YOUR CUSTOMER! Plus, when the line is read, it feels as if you are being SPOKEN TO, not PITCHED TO!

That means more clicks on that link, more people interested in learning about your product, and (if you play the rest of your cards right...) more sales in the end!

Just allow your enthusiasm into your life more often, and I will guarantee that it won't just be your wallet that will benefit!

Written by Brett Laffin

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