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Hello, My Name Is . . . What Your Name Tag Says About You

By Cathy Stucker
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

When you attend networking functions, what kind of name tag do you wear? One of those sticky things you scrawled your name on, or something a bit more sophisticated? For just a few cents to a few dollars, you can have a classy, customized name tag that will draw attention and comments and help you make the most of every networking opportunity.

Instead of relying on those disposable sticky tags, you can get your own engraved or imprinted name badge at your local office supply store. Some even allow you to add art, such as a full-color logo or even a color photo. At prices ranging from $10 to $20, you can have a distinctive and attractive name badge.

In addition to your name, your tag might include your company name, the URL of your web site, the name of your product, or your slogan or tag line. A catchy URL or slogan can be a conversation starter, inviting the people you meet to ask about your business.

If you have a graphic designer create your logo, letterhead, business cards, brochure and other marketing materials, ask him or her to also design a special name tag.

As an author, I like to draw attention to my book. For less than $3, a local copy shop made a laminated tag with a color image of my book’s cover. Wearing it guarantees that people will ask about the book. Your tag might include an image of your company logo, or photos of your products or storefront.

Make your name tag large enough that the people who meet you can recognize the images and read the text. One entrepreneur breaks this rule in a creative way. He uses a name tag that is a miniature version of his brochure! The tag gets attention, and gives him an opening to offer a full-size brochure.

Do you have an attractive and distinctive web site? Get a name tag that reproduces the home page.

Wear a name tag or button with a provocative question or statement on it. It will inspire those you meet to ask questions, and give you an opportunity to tell them about what you do.

You can print a tag yourself and put it in one of those plastic name tag holders, or go to a copy shop or graphic company where they can make one for you. In a pinch, you can put one of your business cards in a plastic tag holder.

Consider having more than one tag. Each tag may be designed to appeal to a different audience or emphasize a different benefit. You can even make them to coordinate with your outfits!

Wear your name tag proudly at the next networking event you attend. Wear it to professional meetings and conferences, when you make a speech or teach a class, or when you are just out and about running errands. You never know when the person in line with you at the post office will become your next customer.

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