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Blowing Your Own Horn

By Keith P. Stieneke
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

At first you must think that with a title as above that this article must be about something other than marketing; however, what this article is about is marketing, specifically affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is much more than signing up for a free affiliate program and then posting your affiliate link here and there. It's all about promotion and not only promoting your affiliate program association or associations but also about promoting yourself. Hence, the title of this article….

Let's imagine that you are a politician. Although glamorous, it is one of the most backbiting filled professions on the face of the planet. But there is something to learn from the great politicians who do it right. Those that are not using the negatives and the faults of their opponents, but that are rather only promoting their own positives and the very fact that they are involved in being a part of the political process are those who do it right.

So who are the marketers that do it right? Those that don't point fingers while at the same time they let their public know that they have something to market. How can you do you do this? The number one way is to sell your-self. I don't mean being a sell-out, but rather that you do things to make yourself visible to the people that you would like to become your customers. One way you can do this is through networking. In the offline world this is accomplished by belonging to church groups, business organizations, and other such groups where people meet and exchange ideas. Online you can network by participating in forums, in chat rooms, posting at guestbooks and much more. Let people get to know you and what you're about.

I personally feel that I have a lot to offer those in the areas of affiliate marketing and network marketing as I have been involved in and studied both for years. Promotion may not be my strongest ability, but I seek to strengthen it by putting my writing talents and skills to use.

By writing, I use something that I can do to publicize myself. The next step of course after writing an article is to submit it to places where it can be sent to "publishers" of ezines and other publications both online and off. For a list of places through which you can do so go to (

What skill or talent do you have that can be used to publicize yourself? Perhaps you are good at talking to people. One on one communication is a great way to let people know that you are marketing something. Along the same lines, comes public speaking. Want to find organizations to speak for, and possibly get your own public speaking engagements. One place to start is to join an organization like Toastmasters whose main focus is to build public speaking skills.

But what if you don't want to speak professionally or write articles for ezines or magazines? Another way to get your presence known is join as many different online public forums as possible. They don't have to all be marketing forums, just try to concentrate though on the forums that peak your interest the most. In that way you'll have something more relevant to contribute. Of course, you've got to do more than to just join these forums. You do have to post to them!!!

These are just a few of the ways to get free publicity, market yourself and therefore increase your marketing potential..

Remember, like the politician you've got to get your name out there, and "blow your own horn".

About the Author
Keith P. Stieneke is a marketing consultant, affiliate program participant and work at home consultant. You can view visit his website Opportunity Assistance Business Resource Center by going to (


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