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Every Day's a Holiday!

By Cathy Stucker
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

You probably know that February 2nd is Groundhog Day. But did you know that it is also Kiwi Fruit Day, Laugh and Grow Rich Day, and Bonza Bottler Day(tm)? Each of these holidays was created by someone who wanted to commemorate or promote something. FYI—Bonza Bottler Day occurs each month when the number of the month is the same as the number of the day (e.g., March 3, April 4, etc.) and it is heralded as "an excuse to have a party at least once a month."

Creating a holiday is a great way to get attention. You may get interviewed on television or radio, or information about you and your holiday may appear in newspapers and magazines and on web sites. I have appeared on radio from coast to coast to talk about my holidays, such as “Get Paid to Shop Week,” “Take Charge of Change Week,” and “Someday.”

Name a holiday after your book, celebrate your industry, or set up an activity which focuses on your product. A search through Chase's Calendar of Events reveals "Eat What You Want Day," "Paste Up Day," "National Buildings Safety Week," "Home-Based Business Week" and many, many more.

There is no master authority who has to approve your holiday. Just create it and start promoting it. A great way to generate awareness of your holiday is with listings in calendars. One of the best known is Chase's Calendar of Events. It is used by the media when they are looking for story ideas, so you may get calls for interviews just from being listed. Most libraries carry Chase's, and you can submit your event listing to them at their web site: (

You don't have to be listed anywhere, though, to declare a holiday. Send out press releases announcing your availability to do interviews about "Family Harmony Week." Write articles about suggested activities during "Family Harmony Week.” Post them at your web site, and offer them to other web sites, ezines and newsletters. Use your holiday as a way to give your marketing and promotion efforts a timely angle.

Happy Holidays!

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