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How to Turn a Marketing Calendar into Marketing Success!

By Jean Hanson
Posted Thursday, January 20, 2005

Do you have a list of marketing ideas that you'd like to implement, but just never seem to get around to actually doing some of them? Who has the time?

Creating a marketing calendar is the only way to make sure you stick to your plans. Take it seriously – don’t forward today’s marketing to-do into tomorrow’s list or you’ll fall behind right away. Here are some tips to keep you on track:

1. Do you have a slow time of the year? This is the best time to brainstorm and create your marketing plan, and then put it into a marketing calendar. Start with your current list of marketing to-do’s, and add to it.

2. Now that you have your list, make note of those things that you absolutely want to do, or have to do. This might be things like having a logo designed, and then creating your website. Or, maybe you have a new product or service that you need to create a press release for.

3. Decide how many of your marketing tasks you can accomplish each week. One task each week? Two? Three? Be realistic – you don’t want to say you’re going to accomplish three things a week, find out you can’t do it, and then give up on the whole list!

4. Do some of the items in your list need to be done at a particular time of year? Make note of these items and schedule them into your calendar first.

5. Do some of the items need to be done on a regular basis? Perhaps you send out a monthly ezine, or a quarterly mailing. Be sure to schedule these recurring items into your calendar.

6. Now it’s time to prioritize the rest of your list. Note which items are most urgent, and schedule them into your calendar. Move down your list until all items are scheduled.

Voila - your marketing calendar is done! Now make sure that you incorporate it into whatever calendar system you use for everyday. By having a marketing calendar, you avoid the common situation most entrepreneurs find themselves in – waiting to market their business when business is slow. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that the slow times aren’t so slow anymore!

About the Author
Jean Hanson is a Certified Professional Virtual Assistant. Discover how partnering with a virtual assistant will give you more time to do the things you love to do! Visit her at ( Jean is also the author of the eBook, Virtualize Your Business - (


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