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Meaning and Marketing - The Hurricane

By Paul R Snell
Posted Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I step outside my back door and look at some large limbs lying on the ground. They are all dead. We've had the remnants of Hurricane Frances and Ivan come through here the past ten days. We've had lots of rain with manageable winds. Even so, the storms have done their work and alot more than I have the time to see or know about at the present moment.

The hurricane - one of nature's ways of culling the trees. I remember visiting the Florida Everglades in the early 1980's and hearing from a Park Ranger who was our tour guide on a boat. He pointed out the most common trees along the water bank, a tangled mass - millions of them. "Left to their own devices, they can be their own worst enemy," he said; "so right now we're praying for a hurricane."

Meaning and Marketing - do you have or own a context of Meaning in which to do your work? Of course, you do. Why do you do your work and what are you after? Are you after "Success"? If so, what is "Success" and how do you define that?

You probably already know the answers to all these questions because they are part of your Meaning.

Please know this - whatever your Meaning IS, I honor it. No matter what it is or how it is, it's yours and it comes right out of you. You probably worked hard for it and suffered for it. You and your personality and particular gifts are a match. Otherwise, you wouldn't have it, you wouldn't own it.

Whatever your Meaning IS, if you are happy with it, hold on to it because IT IS probably irreplaceable, like you are irreplaceable. If it works for you and you like it, are satisfied with it, and it motivates you everyday, then - - hey! - nothing wrong with that and everything right with it. Congratulations!

However, if you don't know your Meaning, are not sure, or are dissatisfied with, restless and hungry with the Meaning you have and that is yours, then please read on. You might be surprised and you might have some fun, some real fun!

Or, if you're just curious and need a hurricane in your life to shake you up a bit, to loosen you up, so that you can grow and expand, and can continue to do what you are already doing so well, only better, then hang on!

Because a hurricane is coming, a really big one, a really really BIG ONE. Batten down the hatches, panel your windows with double strength plywood. Bar your doors with steel and hope for the best because YOU ARE going to need it.

Meaning has to do with something spiritual or psychic or intuitive. It can often be inexpressible, but you know it's there. It's your religion even if you have no religion. Whatever binds you and holds you together into one piece, and that drives you to be who YOU ARE - that is your religion. That is your Meaning.

And as you market your product or program to the world, you say - "Better watch out because here I come! And I am powerful! I am dy-no-mite."

If you don't say this, then you ought to.

So Mr. & Mrs. Meaning, how much power do you have behind the Meaning that is You and Yours? A lot? A little bit? How much? Do you know?

Of course you know! You have as much power as you WANT or are willing to grab. And you grab as much as you need to get the job done and no more because you have to save yourself for the next task, the next job. You have to pace yourself carefully and conserve your energy because you don't live for one day, or one week, or one month only in your business. You have to think about the future in your business - the long range future - and plan for it.

Okay, ladies and gentlemen, I am handing out helmets now. They are made of a special metal, an alloy of titanium and steel and are covered with 1/3" layer of rubber and plastic. The helmets are painted and tatooed anyway you WANT them TO BE and they are beautifully waxed. Are you ready?

The Helmets are your IMAGINATIONS. Do you have them on? You do have an Imagination, don't you? If not, just pretend you do. That will work just as well.

Are you having fun? Not sure? Why aren't you sure?

Suddenly you find yourself in Patricia Smith's third grade classroom at Old Richmond School in Felix County, NC. It's 1953. A pupil is gazing out the window toward Pilot Knob about 20 miles away and S/HE IS wondering if recess time will ever get here. So is the pepple on the window sill.

But we need not be bored because we know what's coming, don't we?

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About the Author
Paul Snell lives with his wife, Jean, and younger Son, Steven, and their dog Blackie, in Lexington, NC. He is a former Presbyterian USA minister and has been in Network Marketing full time since 2002. Paul, at the age of 61, has recently been diagnosed as Bi-Polor with A.D.D as a minor component. He, with the encouragement of his great Mentors at the PowerShift Loop, is an Advocate for the treatment of mental illnesses - all kinds including Substance Abuse. Go, Larry King live!

You can contact him at or visit his website: ( )


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