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Meaning and Marketing -- The Links

By Paul R Snell
Posted Monday, January 24, 2005

You know who you are and what you want and what it means or will mean for you to be FULLY ALIVE and you also know that you can change it it -- your definitions.

If you don't, you will. Just get on the road. That's all you have to to do. Begin the journey. It will be for you a joyous one, but also terrifying at times, not much different than a roller coaster. You will find your way. I AM is with you.

And the power of I AM is in you, if you want to access I AM.

And of course you do. So let's get it done.

Let's create Links from highest to lowest. No. 3 is your end and goal. It doesn't belong to you. It belongs to another, but you belong there because you have I AM in you and you are a part of Being Itself.

I AM adores you. You can count on that. You adore yourself, don't you? If not, it may be because you do not know who or what IS at the very core of your being.




The highest Domain above (3) belongs to another. It has been purchased a long time ago. Plato discovered the owner 500 years before Jesus.
Moses discovered the owner 500 years before Plato. Einstein, though not a practicing Jew, was a frequent visitor in I AM's palace. He knew he was welcome there always and made himself at home. Einstein was
very daring.

I AM loves Daring People, but S/HE urges them to be careful. The Giant is asleep, but S/HE always has one eye barely open so that S/HE can protect the Daring Person from disaster, not because S/HE is mean,
selfish, or protective of HIS/HER property.

Unlike most people, Einstein used his Imagination, and he also knew what he wanted. I AM was so impressed, S/HE gave it to him. This is what
people still do in the near East. They know how to practice and honor hospitality. And Einstein, BEING hospitable himself, gave it to us...

This is a link to whatever YOU want it to be. I choose it as a link in service of the great I AM. What you do with it is your business. After all, it's yours and I can't take it away from you, nor can anyone else. It is a veritable gift from the great I AM, if you want it.

This is what IS in you and me both. I AM put it there. This is what it means to be created in the Image of God - the WILL and its power.

This is the Goose that laid the Golden Eggs, if you want it to be. If you are a vegetarian, you may want your Eggs to be made out of pure spinach. If you are the typical Network Marketer, Gold will do.

Whatever you want, whatever you will - IS. Do you believe this? If not, why not?

Notice the Domains above. They represent a Trinity of Power. If they are linked, as they should be linked, when you click on one, you will arrive at the other. You may notice also - they are in count down mode. Are you?

Domains (2) and (1) above represent YOU. You can isolate yourself from Domain (3) if you want to and go it on your own. I AM's feelings will be hurt, but S/He will get over it. Will you?

Why do you want to separate yourself from your true source of power? I AM is not the same as your own earthly father and mother, but they are -- your earthly father and mother -- the deck of cards I AM dealt you. Make the best of the deck of cards in your hands. In finding yourself, you will find both I AM, your earthly father and mother, your spouse, if you are one, and your own children, if you have any.

YOU now have the opportunity to be a family, a true family. And there is power, vast power, in a family. This is or can be your Destiny.

This Destiny can be represented as follows:

What we want to do now is to make the best of what we have and to become FULLY ALIVE, as much as possible, as Time and this earth will allow. The other will follow as our reward.

But we do not have to wait for permission to take the initiative. It is in our power to do so now - if you want to, if you WILL. Do you?

Here's something we can do - if you want to. We might as well have some fun.

Let's fashion an Atomic Bomb - A Weapon of Mass Instruction and let's use it to get you moving and to enlist your customers.

Let's blast our way into BEING and into becoming FULLY ALIVE. Let's vaporize the obstacles that are all around us and in us, and let's reach out to other people with the Good News that they have this very same power and possibility in themselves as well.

Oh yes we can, if we want to. Do we want to? Of course we do!

The Instruction Manual is next - Meaning and Marketing - The Trigger.


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The Bible, The Gospel of John, Chapter 8:58
The Bible, Hebrews, Chapter 13:2

About the Author
Paul Snell lives with his wife, Jean, and younger son, Steven, and their dog Blackie in Lexington, NC. He is a former minister in the Presbyterian Church USA and has been in Network Marketing full time since 2002. Paul, at the age of 61, has recently been diagnosed as Bi-Polar with A.D.D. as a minor component. He, with the encouragement of his great mentors at the Power Shift Loop, is an advocate for the treatment of mental illnesses -- all kinds, including substance abuse.


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