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The Biggest Needle In The Haystack

By Duncan Judson
Posted Sunday, January 23, 2005

Hello everyone! Have you ever been curious about something, and wanted to learn about it? If you’re like me, I am a pretty curious fellow, I really like to learn.

Where is the best place to start finding the information you are looking for? My choice for information gathering is the Internet!

Where do you start your search for information? I use search engines, my favorite is Google. No, I am not plugging Google I believe it is a great search engine.

Do you use key words and phrases to find your information? Hah, I do to, it’s the easiest way to find what I want know, and the fastest way to find it.

In general this method is how each person in the world finds information on the internet. Well yah, you may have an alternate plan, an e-mail with a link, or a website in your favorites folder that has the information, or more links to the information.

You must agree at least 98% of the surfers on the internet use search engines to find what they want?

When you search, you insert your key words, than call up the search page which has top 20 listings of websites that match your search criteria. If you do not find what you want do you turn to more pages, or pick from the top 20? Yah, I also pick from one of the top 20 listings; it’s a lot faster.

Imagine for a moment; you own a business. How much traffic is directed to your website from being listed in the top 20 of your search criteria? Wow, with the right key words, phrases, niche product, and a theme based website; that is a lot of traffic to your website.

Can you imagine having your target population zeroing in and finding your target specific power packed content? How much of that traffic you could convert to buyers? The people who come to your web site searched for what you offer, and found your website!

Shazaam! Now that is PROFIT POWER!

So you gotta have; an in-demand niche focused product, that offers a solution to the customer situation. Competition for business will be lower, and will be easier for your targeted and interested population to find your website. Yah, and I bet your saying that would be great. The traffic would find your website; traffic is the premium go-go juice that energizes your website!

Now we are talkin' about the kind of website that the search engines just love to list in the top spots. You can provide over the top content rich information that the customers are searching for. We are talkin’ about the exact type of information or services that builds trust and credibility with your visitors on the internet. Well that is all fine and dandy, but theirs more to it than that. You gotta’ have the right tools, and process to do the job.

The right tools are important, but you gotta’ have the right process. Well this is your lucky day I have discovered a hidden secret called Site Build It! I call it SBI and it provides you with the cutting edge innovations, and completely integrated system! It has all the necessary bells and whistles for site building-and marketing tools (all in one). You also have accessible to you a clearly written Action Guide, along with a guru-in-your-ear online help, that becomes your virtual guide to outline the process in step-by-step detail.

Ok, you can be a member of the 2% of highly successful businesses that succeed on the internet, or you can be part of the 98% of businesses that fail.

Yah see, the 2% that succeed on the Net build targeted, interested traffic by providing the type of high value content that their visitors are searching for and that the Search Engines love to list in the top levels. The high quality content warms up the customer or PREsells the customer, so the PREsold customer is ready to becomes a sale.

Site Build It can do for you what it has done for hundreds of other successful business people! Don’t just take my word for it! Take a Quick Tour of SBI at (

See for your self how "Site Build It" can make your website the Biggest Needle in The Haystack.

Duncan Judson
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About the Author
Duncan Judson is a Social Worker from Michigan. Along with the Love of his life Mary, 4 children, 2 grandchildren, and 7 Jack Ressell he has a love for the internet. Making money on the internet, and most important, assisting others in being successful.


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