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Want To Be A Stronger Marketer? Work Your Marketing Muscles!

By Kevin P. Dervin
Posted Thursday, January 27, 2005

You want to be more flexible? You have to stretch your muscles. Want to be physically stronger? You have to find a way to workout and build your muscles. Want to be a stronger marketer? You’ve got to work your marketing muscles.

Just as an athlete needs to workout to stay in shape, if you want to get stronger at marketing, you need to work your marketing muscles. So how do you work marketing muscles?

1. Read Regularly. There is no shortage of resources out there folks. Find them and begin consuming them. There are books and newsletters and resources all over the web. Don’t get overwhelmed by the volume of resources available. Pick one and commit to consuming it. Schedule a time that works for you and sit down and read that resource. Even if you only find one or two good ideas, doesn’t that make you a little bit stronger?

2. Find Avenues To Write. Writing might be the single most important skill for effective marketing. “But I’m not a good writer” you say. Listen, you are a wealth of information about your business or industry, and writing is the key to sharing that information to attract business. Writing will also help you gain clarity about the value of your own services.

Practice writing regularly. Articles, tip sheets, your web site content, newsletters, sales letters, and case studies are all examples of things to be writing. Do the best you can and consider an editor or copywriter to review it if you’re worried about it being great. You’ll get better, and stronger, with practice.

3. Increase Your Speaking Ability. Much like writing, speaking is one of the most powerful tools for developing attention, interest, trust and credibility with your potential audience. This is not just standing up in front of an audience to give a presentation, seminar, or workshop, although these are great strategies. You’ve also got to be prepared to stand up and introduce yourself at networking meetings. Or more basically, you have to be prepared to answer that question, “What do you do?”

Confidence in speaking comes with preparedness and practice. Ever been to a networking meeting when someone stands up for their introduction and starts out with, “Um, Ok, let’s see…”? Clearly not practiced and prepared. Spend time preparing for what you want to say when you introduce yourself and when someone ask, “What do you do?”

Just like exercise, even scheduling just a few hours a week to work your marketing muscles will begin to make a difference. Before you know it, you might be a pretty strong marketer.

(c) - Kevin Dervin, KPD Marketing

About the Author:
Kevin Dervin is the owner of KPD Marketing and creator of the ABCD Growth System. If you find these tips useful, you’d probably enjoy Kevin’s FREE monthly eZine called ABCD Grow. To subscribe, just go to ( and follow one of the links to the FREE Stuff page!


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