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After Your Postcard Mailing: Follow Up with Finesse

By Martha Retallick
Posted Friday, January 28, 2005

I've heard a lot of people lament the fact that they just sent out a big postcard mailing, and, alas, no one called.

Hey, it's happened to me.

I've sent cards that I thought were so good that I was sure my phone would start ringing off the hook. And then my little Web and graphic design studio would be so busy that I'd be booked sold for the next three months. Hooray!

But, instead, nothing but silence from the phone.

Which means that it's time for me to start making some other phones ring. Time to start smiling and dialing those hot prospects, clients, and anyone else who might send some business my way. The phone conversations sound like this:

1. Prospect A has been meaning to give me a call, and, hey, thanks for sending the postcard.

2. Client B got the card earlier in the week, and she has a big project coming up within a month.

3. Client C, who just put the card on the office refrigerator door, knows someone who needs me to help him with his website project.This is where building a mailing list from people you know can really pay off.

When you follow up after a card mailing, you're not making cold calls to a bunch of strangers. And, let's face it, we're more likely to do business with someone we know. By developing your own list, you can stack the odds of success in your favor.

About the Author
Martha Retallick, "The Passionate Postcarder," hails from Tucson, Arizona, USA. She is the author of Postcard Marketing Secrets, a downloadable PDF manual will show you how to put postcards to work for your business--profitably. Learn more about it at:



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