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Some Practical Guidlines for Getting Involved with Internet Marketing

By Brian Beshore
Posted Monday, February 21, 2005

This article addresses the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of getting involved with internet marketing.

In this country we have been saturated with myths of instant wealth and fortunes made overnight.

Everyone has heard stories of someone who has gone to Las Vegas and ‘bet it all’ and won. People are encouraged to act impulsively with their business investments on the chance that ‘Lady Luck will smile on them.’

I personally believe that most people who gamble impulsively with their money lose it.

I believe the same thing is true of people who act impulsively when they get involved with internet marketing.

When is the best time to get involved with internet marketing? When you are still employed and already have a steady income, not when you are out of work or up against the stops financially.

I believe succeeding as an internet marketer takes time, persistence and investment. I believe there is a science to internet marketing and it involves a learning curve. When I started getting interested in internet marketing, I decided I would spend up to a year learning about it before I invested much money.

I was glad I did this. I still made mistakes, you will always make mistakes, that is part of the learning curve, but I believe I avoided losing a lot of money by being well informed.

How can you learn about internet marketing? Start surfing the surf exchanges a little.

It’s free, so all you might lose is a little time, but sign-up for some free e-courses.

You’ll see plenty of these! Realize that most of these e-books and courses have a commercial angle to them, so don’t start signing-up for everything they are promoting right away, but read a lot of different ones.

In getting involved with internet marketing one should, as I’ve said, already have an income. Crunch the numbers, and figure out how much extra income you can easily afford, after you pay all your bills, to invest in on-line marketing and then stick to that.

One good guideline is that a newbie should not spend more than about a hundred dollars on advertising,and not more until you see some trackable results from the ad.

I believe that, in general, millionaires are created in one of two ways; they either inherit the money or they carefully shepherd the income they have and leverage it into more.

What I mean by leverage is that they cut back on expenses so they have a little extra to invest and then they do this wisely. They repeat this process over and over.

About the Author
Brian Beshore has been involved with Internet Marketing for several years. He publishes his own Home Business Guide. (


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