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Website Promotion Strategies For Targeted Web Site Traffic

By Guy Ray
Posted Friday, January 28, 2005

If you're looking to drive more targeted traffic to your web site, you'll want to pay close attention to the website promotion strategies presented in this article.

As an internet marketer, or a want to be internet marketer, you know that web site traffic is your livelihood. Without it you have nothing. No traffic - no sales - no profits. You'll continue to be stuck in a dead end job or worse yet, unemployed with no way to take care of yourself or your family.

I've written this article to end the hype and confusion that's abundant on the internet about website promotion and getting quality prospects to your web site or affiliate link. There are no secrets to website promotion. Common sense and proven principles prevail.

Website Promotion Strategy Rule # 1. Tap Into Existing Markets
The first consideration when it comes to your website promotion strategy is your product or service. Too many people think they must reinvent the wheel or come up with something new or exciting.

The first rule of creating an effective website promotion strategy is to find an existing market and then shoot for a piece of the action. It's much cheaper and much easier to tap into an existing market than to try to create a new one. Creating new markets are best left to the multi-million dollar corporations who have the money and time to develop them.

Website Promotion Strategy Rule #2. Consistancy Is The Key
Too many marketers throw up a web site and expect the world to beat a path to it's door. You can't locate your web site on a super highway with a million vehicles passing by every day. It's in cyber space and no one will ever see it unless you promote it.

The key to succesful website promotion is consistency. Day after day, week after week, month after month you must be doing something to let your prospects know your web site is there and offers a solution to their problems.

Website Promotion Strategy Rule # 3. Avoid Website Promotion Strategies That Don't Send Targeted Traffic
Too many greedy promotors are pushing strategies that simply don't work. They may bring some traffic, but the traffic they bring is simply trying to gain some form of reward for visiting your web site. Simply put, they have no interest in your offer, your product, or service. They're not targeted and have no interest in spending money with you. What good is a million visitors if no one buys anything?

Avoid FFA pages where your add is is only listed for a few seconds at best. Don't post on classified sites. The limited readership is simply not worth the effort. Stay away from so called optin safe lists. Your ad will be deleted in mass without ever being seen. I also recommend staying away from banner exchange and traffic exchange clubs.

Website Promotion Strategy Rule # 4. Focus On Traffic First
You can have the prettiest web site, the most compelling sales message, and the best offer on the planet. But if no one sees it, you have nothing.

Therefore you must-must-must focus on getting targeted traffic to your web site first. Once you have the traffic coming , then you can shift your attention to optimizing your sales message, improving your offer, and tweaking your site to get the best conversion rates. But until you have ample traffic(several hundred visitors per week) your attention is best focused on getting targeted traffic. So put first things first. Targeted traffic is king.

Website Promotion Strategy Rule # 5. Use Only Time Tested Proven Website Promotion Strategies And Techniques
Stop wasting time with outdated website promotion strategies that no longer work. FFA pages, advertising on classified sites, and safelists are good examples of this. They simply won't bring you enough targeted traffic.

Instead, focus your efforts on website promotion strategies that have stood the test of time and continue to work.

Eight Potent Website Promotion Strategies That Can Bring You All The Targetd Traffic You Need!

Writing articles for ezines and to post on other web sites. This is an often overlooked website promotion strategy that can bring a ton of targeted traffic to your site. There are many advantages to this strategy. Targeted traffic, exposure, and boosting pr for higher search engine rankings are just a few.

Advertising in ezines is a popular website promotion strategy and can work well. There are to many factors involved to go into all of them here. Just keep in mind the actual product, the copy and the audience all play a vital role in how well prospects respond. I don't push this technique because I believe writing articles is far more powerful.

Free search engine marketing is a website promotion strategy that can literally explode your traffic with targeted visitors. To succeed you must get good listings. The first page is best. You can find an abundance of free search engine optimization articles and tutorials on the internet.

Pay Per Click search engines can bring targeted traffic and are a main stay until you get listed in the free search engines. Even then you may want to consider keeping your PPC listings depending on how profitable the campaign is. A pay per click is worth mentioning is Google Ad Words.

Google Ad Words offers another low cost website marketing strategy to send a lot of targeted traffic to your web site. Choosing the right keywords can get you click throughs for as little as .05 Cents per click. Thats a low figure when you consider the traffic google ad words can send you. In fact you can make a good living on the internet even if you have no web site by sending prospects directly to your affiliate link through google ad words. Some Pay Per Click engines don't allow this. But use caution. I recommend you read a good ebook about Google Adwords before you jump in blindly. If you don't know what you're doing you can run up a huge advertising bill and have little to show for it.

Opt-in Email marketing. You absolutely must collect the names an email address of your visitors if you want to have any real success for your website promotion efforts. Few visitors will buy the first time. That's why you need an autoresponder series set up to follow up with them and keep the prospect returning to your site. Some experts say your prospect must hear from you at least seven times before they will buy. Keep in mind I'm talking about opt-in email here. We avoid spam at all costs.

Joint venture marketing is another great website promotion strategy. It can drive a lot of targeted traffic to your site in a hurry. Basically it involves setting up deals with other marketers who already have a responsive opt-in list. They mail your offer to their list and in return you split the profits with them. This is a great way to generate sales in a hurry and begin to build your own opt-in list.

Exchanging links with related but non competitive sites will bring you targeted traffic and boost your page rank. An absolute must if you want to be listed on the first page of google. It's a necessary website promotion strategy and should not be overlooked. You can learn more about link popularity/link exchange from my web site.
In this tutorial you've learned the importance of implementing solid website promotion strategies to bring targeted visitors to your web site. I've give you five rules on what not to do and what to do to make your website marketing strategy work. And last but not least, you now have eight website promotion strategies that have stood the test of time that you can begin implementing immediately.

About the Author
Guy Ray is a copywriter and certified search engine optimization specialist who specializes in website promotion and online marketing strategies. Are you getting all the traffic you need? Click here now! (


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