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Buying and Selling Text Links

By Carmelo
Posted Wednesday, July 7, 2004

All of us seasoned webmasters know that today PR is the key to long term success of a site. CPC and banner advertising can only take you so far. To get Joe the new internet user on your site you need to rank high in the search engine listings.

So you have a new site, optimized with all the bells and whistles. You have also hand submitted it to all the free directories. Currently you are advertising by CPC and banners, traffic is trickling in. However when one does a search for your keywords, your website is listed no 20 in the results? How do you get it to no 10?

PR is the answer to rank high in the search listings. To get a high PR you need incoming links from high PR pages.get a high PR you need incoming links from high PR pages.

But who will link to your new site?

Today getting that free link is almost impossible. So has come up with the innovative idea of auctioning links. This works both ways Webmasters looking for a new revenue stream can sell text links on there site, getting some much needed revenue while webmasters looking for text links can bid on the links being sold.

Some links are better than others:

High PR pages are the most popular on these auctions, but even low PR pages are. A new start-up site can turn from PR 0 to PR 4 just buy getting a link from a PR5 site. So Pr 5 links are also in demand.

If you have a good site with good content you can sell text links on it. The price for a link from a high PR page is high but low PR page links are still they are in demand. The great news is that at are charging no fess to the buyer or seller!

So webmasters

Some prices one can sell text links on his site for:

PR5 text link: $25/mo.
PR6 text link: $120/mo.
PR7 text link: $150/mo.
PR8 text link: $250/mo. +++
PR9 text link: none for sale ! is a genuine service that is making a difference in the working practices of the SEO and the everyday webmaster. Try us today it is genuinely free.

About the Author
Carmelo is the founder of <a href='(> created in order to help the every day webmaster in his SEO efforts.


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