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Six points you got to keep in mind while exchanging links

By M.Mukesh
Posted Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Link exchanges have become quite famous over the years and have become synonymous with search engine optimization. But not many of us actually understand the truth behind link exchanges and how they actually work. Given below are six important points that you got to keep in mind while exchanging links.

Important Points to keep in mind while exchanging links

1.) Check the page rank of the webpage on which your link is placed

Page rank is synonymous with individual web-pages and does not apply to the entire website. So make sure that your links are placed on web-pages having a good page rank. Placing links on a web-page that has a page rank of ‘0’ and a homepage rank of ‘5’ is no good.

2.) Check the number of links present on the webpage

Placing your links on web-pages that have comparatively lesser link-backs will fetch more value to your website than placing links on a webpage swarmed with links.

3.) Add proper anchor Text to your link

Merely placing the link on other websites does not give you much returns. The best way to do this is by using keywords in terms of anchor texts. For instance, instead of ( write ‘professional templates’ as the anchor text and provide a link to it.

4.) Place your links in Bold or Italics

A link placed in bold or italics is likely to get you more page rank than a link with a normal text. Most search engines place more weight-age to links in bold or italics.

5.) Check the position of your link on the webpage

Links placed on the top of a web page carries more value and will help your website get more page rank than the one placed at the bottom of the page.

6.) Find out if the link back partner is a link farm

Link farms are considered as bad neighborhoods and are despised by search engines. A link back to a link farm is as good as asking for trouble. Always make sure that the website you are linking back to is credible.

Link exchange program carried out properly can increase your page rank in a major way but at the same time a careless program can lead you into trouble with your website being penalized by search engines.

About theAuthor
Mukesh is a content developer at GoldMine Technologies and is the webmaster of the site ( which is an information portal. This artilce can be reporduced only if it maintains the article as a whole along with the links and author bio. (c)2004.


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