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Pumping Up Traffic With Linking Strategy!

By A.T.Rendon
Posted Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A recent user survey conducted by the Graphics, Visualization & Usability (GVU) Center, (, they found That, for the FIRST TIME, "Most users find new web pages through other Web pages (88%)" and" engines are down to 82%".

Linking from other web sites is now king of exposure!

Linking to and from other web sites is the best way to have people find your web site. And it is not as difficult as you
might first think.

First of all, it is important to be linked to sites with like interests. If your web site is all about cars you do not want to bother linking to a site that is all about cats.

Visit your favorite web search engine and do a keyword search of sites that are most similar to yours. Take the time to actually go to each of the top 20 or 30 web sites returned from your keyword search and have a look at your future promoters.

If their content is similar to yours, use their email contact to send the owner/web master a SHORT note. For a FREE Request A Link Swap form letter that you can use, send a blank email to:

In your note, you explain that you found them by keyword search via "NAME_THAT search engine". Tell them what you like about their site so that they really know you have visited and you are not some wayward spammer.

Then ask if they would trade links.

You link them if they will link you. This exposure is a WIN/WIN proposition. It does not cost you anything to link to such a web site except a few minutes to enter in a bit of HTML code.

You can even create a web page that is strictly for such reciprocal link trades. Then make certain not to clutter the page with too many links.

You will be fortunate if you can link to 40 or 50 hot prospective web sites that will draw new visitors to your web site.

Track the progress of these link trades using one of the FREE tracking services so you will know which ones are indeed providing you with new exposure. For a FREE list of FREE Tracking Services send to:

Using the free info these FREE Tracking Services provide, you can then easily determine which sites are actually providing you with those new visitors. Keep those that bring you exposure and weed out the ones that are just taking up valuable cyber-space.

Once you determine the active reciprocal links visit AltaVista at: ( and enter the URL of those web sites to see which other sites are linking to them also.

Now you have found another source of exposure by visiting these new sites and repeating the process all over again to establish even more and better reciprocal link partners.

Soon, all our your work will pay off with a steady pumping flow of new daily traffic to your web site.

About the Author
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