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3 Simple Sales Triggers to Hook in Your Lead & Make The Sale!

By Terah J. Logan
Posted Tuesday, October 5, 2004

Hook 1: Tell a story don't tell a sales pitch!

Stories are far more interesting then blatant sales pitches.

You want to interest the reader and potential client; not bore them by bombarding them with sales rhetoric that will instantly turn your lead away.

Don't we all want to be entertained?

Don't we all appreciate a great story to pass the time?

The next time you send out a sales letter, pretend you are talking to a good friend and let them know how you came across this product and why you decided to give the product a try and how it changed your life. The difference between a sales letter and a sales story is subtle but very dramatic in how it can increase your responses.

Hook 2: Tell them WHY and Tell them the TRUTH!

Explain to your potential clients why you are selling a product and tell them the truth.

Adding the word "Because" to your sales pitch will increase your sales.

One experiment went as follows: A marketing research company did a test. They approached a long line at a prominent bank. They had some testers simply ask people already in line waiting if they could go ahead of them; with no reason most said NO WAY!

Then some testers asked to go ahead in line and inserted a reason why. "May I go ahead of you BECAUSE I need to be at an appointment in 20 minutes? 97% of the people in line said yes. It will be the same in your marketing efforts.

Tell you clients why you are selling a product for such a good price, or offer, etc. Is it because you are overstocked? Want to get people to try the product? Want to get word of mouth going? Tell people the truth why you are in the business you are in. Use the word BECAUSE. People appreciate being respected with the truth and will respond.

Hook 3: Project objections to your promotion and answer them.

Don't be afraid to put in writing objections you have received about your promotion or product. By putting out the so-called negative, before your prospect brings it up, you are being honest, showing confidence in your ability and product, and the client will appreciate that.

I am sure you have seen sales letters with the statement: "I know you are skeptical (about my sales pitch), but here are some answers to your questions you may have about my product." Then the sales letter goes into `objections' in the form of questions and answers them honestly and with authority.

Do the same and the prospect will instinctively trust you and give your product a chance. And if you are really smart, you will offer a money back guarantee that will close the sale easily.

Here's to your SUCCESSS!

Terah J. Logan

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About the author:
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