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Why Aren't You Making Money Online ?

By Charles Kangethe
Posted Thursday, November 11, 2004

How many times have you had a marketing question and didn't know where to find the answer ?

When I started out in Internet Marketing I had so many questions about the business.

* How do I get started ? * How much will it cost to get started ? * Where can I find products to sell ? * How do I track my marketing campaigns ? * How should I price my products to maximise conversion ? * How can I improve traffic to my site easily ?

To make matters worse, these questions came to me in a random order and many times by the time I had researched the answer to one question, I had forgotten earlier answers to other problems.

From my visits to Forum boards, I know other people have the same problems but no one seems to have a simple answer.

So I set out to find a solution...

Step #1 - Finding Respected, Knowledgeable Mentors

Mentors and coaches don't come any more expert or with greater recommendation than Jonathan Mizel and Alex Mandossian.

Alex has helped his clients generate more than $183 million over the last 12 years from TV spots and infomercials. Despite this level of success, he is better known as a leading authority on web site traffic conversion strategy.

Jonathan, is the editor of one of the oldest Online publications, the "Online Marketing Letter." He has been an active Internet Marketer since 1991. In that time he has helped to generate millions of dollars for clients such as Intel and American Express.

It is now almost impossible to see these guys at Internet marketing retreats for anything less than a few thousand dollars. And that's when they have time to be there.

Their cosultancy fees run into hundreds and thousands of dollars per hour or day, because large corporate clients will pay this type of money for their knowledge.

You need information from experts like these. People you can trust, but...

...mentors and coaches like these are incredibly expensive !

So just imagine what it would be worth to you having these guys taking time out to answer your questions !

Read on and you will see why I was delighted when I stumbled on their solution.

Step #2 - Ask The Mentors To Provide A Solution

In fact, there was no need to convince these two guys that a problem existed.

Alex and Jonathan had recognised the need for clear answers to questions such as the one's you have.

They could see for themseleves that Internet Marketers everywhere had questions and problems.

They recognised the need for clear and easy to follow answers to your common Marketing questions.

But they are busy and doing another seminar was not really on the agenda so they sat down and came up with a simple solution.

The time and reason for "The Marketing Brain Dump" had arrived.

So, they wrote and spoke to their lists of customers and prospects and invited them to send in Marketing questions.

The result was a list of over 180 questions on marketing problems exactly like the ones you and I have.

The two marketers then sent out restricted invitations to ONLY their list members to join a teleconference in which they answered the questions.

They called the event the "Marketing Brain Dump".

Believe me they held nothing back. They spilled their guts as they answered questions like yours.

Unbelievably, this incredible gold mine of information would have remained unavailable to the rest of us...

...but fortunately someone had the brainwave of recording the teleconference and now you and I can benefit from their knowledge.

Step #3 - Let's Find Out How Good This Stuff Is.

OK - so you have two world class marketers sharing their knowledge with you on questions you and most other marketers have.

But how good are they ?

Well, for over 5 hours, Alex and Jonathan give you detailed answers to all your questions and others you probably haven't even thought of.

I have listened to this 7 CD-ROM set many times and I still find new answers that I didn't fully appreciate the first time round.

Let me now share two gems recorded at this event with you.

Have you ever wondered :

----------------------------------------------------------- * How can you track conversion rates with Pay Per Click Search Engines ?

* What is the best format for an e-book ? ------------------------------------------------------------

Here is what Jonathan says about tracking conversion.

For each new promotion you need to set up a different web page and order form just for that promotion.

The reason is that you need to know answers to :

* Which traffic source is delivering most visitors, and

* Which web page copy is converting most visitors into paying customers.

The only way to accurately do this is to have a separate page and order form for each promotion.

He then shows you how to track your Pay per Click "Keywords" so that you know how much each word cost and earned in the promotion.

Alex expands on this by telling you how you can use 1shoppingcart, AssocTrack by Cory Rudl and other products to measure traffic and conversion by keywords.

On the question about which e-Book format is best, Alex tells you how to first decide if you want your customer to "steal" from you.

That's right - "steal" from you !!

If you want them to steal from you (and, by the way, he explains why this may be the right strategy) then the correct format is not a high security compiled e-book.

If you don't want them to steal from you, he says try :

* e-Book generator and e-cover generator by Armand Morin or
* e-Book Pro by Corey Rudl

Both of these will make your e-book secure and theft proof.

Step #4 - But how will they deal with a tough question ?

OK - Do you know the optimum number of words to test on your home page for best conversion rates ?

Do you know when testing split runs, what variables you should test or change ?

Let's see what Alex has to say on this.

He explains in his response why the first 250 words of any Diect Sales Page are the most important and perhaps the only thing worth testing.

The web page is linear. This determines the order in which your copy is read.

Like most marketers you have been taught the importance of the headline, the sub caption, the copy and the final PS.

Alex shows you with results from tests with real customers how much of this is true in direct mail, but less true on the Internet web page !

He explains how you can measure visitor session time, and depending on your page load time you can estimate how far down your home page visitors are reading.

If they get past 250 words, his tests have shown they are likely to read the entire page.

This is why making the first 250 words compelling is critical to getting your conversion rates up.

Step #5 - Is This The Solution For You ?

The world is full of too many snake oil salesmen - how do you know this solution is what you need ?

Simply, you wont really know unless you listen to it for yourself.

Visit ( to read and hear much more from the Marketing Brain Dump on Streaming Web Audio.


I wish I had these mentors available to me when I started out in Marketing.

Even now I am still amazed at how much I still have to learn from these guys.

Alex and Jonathan are talented marketers.

In this offering they prove themselves to be excellent coaches and mentors.

Many Online Marketing Businesses fail to make real money because the marketers do not have access to value information when they need it most.

The Marketing Brain Dump is like having two of the best Internet Marketers on hand with answers to every question you've ever had about marketing just when you need it.

Can you afford not to have these answers ?

Visit ( to read and hear them in their own voices.

About the Author
Charles Kangethe of ( is a leading new wave Netpreneur and a published author from England. The "Simply Easier" brand name is your guarantee of high value, quality Marketing Products, Services and Resources. Charles Kangethe was educated at Warwick University in Coventry in the United Kingdom. He graduated with honours in Economics in 1985. He has been involved in direct response marketing since 1982 when he started by reading Joe Karbo's "The Lazy Man's Way To Riches." He now lives in Suffolk County and spends most of his time working on new Online Marketing campaigns such as his new web site at (


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