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5 No-Brainer Strategies to Ramp Up Your Online Profits!

By Crispian Lye
Posted Thursday, September 9, 2004

There's a common problem lingering in the minds of ALL internet marketers - 'How Do I Increase Profits To My Business?'

Well, it's not that difficult if you employ these 5 no-brainer strategies to your online business model.

1. Empty Your Mind, Fill Up Your Wallet!

Clarity is what most internet merketers lack. To attain the clarity required, you'ld want to empty out all thoughts (including worries!) on a notepad. From these thoughts, pen out your goals and a master-to-do list. Place it somewhere where you'll be reminded of your personal objectives DAILY. Now, that you have that mental freedom, take a little time out of your day to do a brainstorm on what you'ld need to do to achieve your personal and financial goals. You'll be amazed at the ideas a clear mind can churn out!

2. Always Be Marketing

Get out there and market yourslef. Let as many people know that you exist and let them know about you on a regular basis. Do not follow the common mistake of most businesses who wait for the customers to find them. Make marketing your TOP priority. Make it an essential daily task as it's the engine that drives literally every enterprise. Remember, leads are the lifeblood of any business.

3. Grab The Silver Lining InEevery Cloud

Yes! Change brings forth new opportunity. Bearing this in mind, be flexible as you are going through your thought process and harness that unique ability to distinguish between genuine trends and short-lived fads. Using this mindset, you'll be able to identify with what is really needed in the market and possess some valuable guidelines in the carving of your next business product.

This 'power' will enable you to shorten the time period required to reach your financial objectives. Identify the problem, act fast and cash in on the opportunity.

4. Who Else Runs A Flea Market?

Be careful about lowering the prices on your major products. It reflects low confidence in your product and may be very detrimental to your business. Don't fall into the trap of marketing on price alone as the playing the game of price competition is as good as commiting marketing suicide.

5. Asking For The Sale And Getting It

Create a marketing funnel that establishes repot and builds a relationship with your subscribers over time. Make sure you offer REAL value to them in the form of articles, free downloads, etc. Remember to only introduce products that you have personally benefited from.

It's actually not difficult to earn a massive income online if you know what to do. Use the above 5 easy-as-peas strategies to kick start your online marketing business into success immediately!

About the Author
Crispian Lye woke up one morning and decided to quit his lucrative job as a creative head with a Multi National Corporation in search of freedom. He now makes a fortune from home working a couple of hours in his boxers and has helped many others make a graceful exit from the rat-race. Get your FREE exit strategy at: == (


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