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6 Proven Strategies to Cut Down Refund

By Eo Lim
Posted Wednesday, September 15, 2004

In the first part this article, you'll learn to play with the rule of reciprocity.

Conscientious people generally have psychological burdens to return favours that are initiated by strangers. They will do anything just to cancel out the moral IOUs as soon as possible.

You could use this principle to cut down refund by 'killing' your customers with kindness. They'll feel guilty of returning favours to you. And, your ultimate favour from them is to buy and not asking for refund.

Remember this; never sell junk to your customers. It kills the relationship instantly.

Here're simple things you can do step by step;

1. Give valuable gifts on first contact.

The best move in business is still to offer gifts to strangers before they become your prospects. The best gifts are those not easily available on the Internet. Besides, don't ask for favours. This makes you glow with an aura.

2. Frequent giving to prospects.

Once stranger becomes your prospect, commit yourself to give gifts and personal help frequently. Encourage them to ask for help.

If prospects have problems, post your solutions in newsletter or discussion forum with their names. You should do it because such action subtly reminds them of your favour. Remember to ask for permission first.

3. Post sales giving.

The best thing can happen to you is people buy from you, right? But, what if they ask for refund?

Don't worry. Here're 4 methods you can use to reduce the chance.

(A) Give unadvertised bonus.

Instead of mentioning many bonuses in your sales page, take a few out. Make these as unadvertised bonuses. But, don't give them straight away after people buy.

The better way is to give one bonus every month. You could spread these bonuses for 12 months even beyond your guarantee period. Your customers will perceive that you're willing to lose a limb just to satisfy their needs. Will they be touched by your action? You bet!

(B) Give unlimited free upgrade.

If you're selling information products and service like software, e-books and web hosting, this makes sense. Customers always like free support for what they pay for.

What if you're not selling these?

An upgrade means anything. Even a superficial change can be considered as an upgrade. You shouldn't have any problem as long as you convey a gesture of goodwill to customers.

(C) Give special attention.

The third method is to give them your attention.

Create a special, direct e-mail address for your customers. In fact, it doesn't cost you a cent.

Let say your customer is Christ Howard, just create an e-mail address for him like this; '' He could send his request for help directly to this account. This makes him feel wanted.

(D) Give privileged entitlement.

Another common method is to award special product discount for customers. Be sure to make your offer unavailable elsewhere. Doing this can push them into the mind frame of returning favours.

By now you should get the idea of using the power of reciprocity. Use these simple steps with sincerity and honesty. I guarantee you these will make your customers guilty whenever they think of asking you for refund.

About the Author
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