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6 Ways to Generate Millions of Dollars in Free Adverts

By Oluwafisayo Akinlolu
Posted Sunday, August 8, 2004

Yes you can generate millions in free adverts. You can have a zero dollar-advertising budget and still get tons of traffic to your business.

Here are six simple ways of getting things done; both online and offline.

1. Use Networks and Referrals.

Look for businesses that compliment yours and work with them. A caterer would find it profitable to work with a wedding photographer, bridal consultant, reception halls, jewellers etc. All he needs to do is send his clients to the others and they do the same.

You can also ask your clients to refer you to others and reward them for it. Think up good networks and referral systems. Online it is called Joint Venture. Use it profitably.

2. Article Writing.

Writing is a good way of getting free publicity. Write articles and make it known that it can be published freely. Your article will definitely refer back to you, and if it is very good, it might end up in a newsletter or magazine that has thousands of audience.

3. Hosting an Online Article or Ebook Directory.

I don't care what your business is; the simple truth is that you can
get traffic, customers, by having an online article or ebook directory where people can get free articles and ebooks.

If you already have a website, add an article or ebook directory. Go round the web and harvest some of the thousands of articles and ebooks flying around.

I am currently working on a list of ebook download links, websites that contain free ebooks and websites that contain free articles and accept articles from authors. If you would like to have this list when it is completed, send me an email telling me exactly what you would like to have. Once I have things organised, I will send you a copy of the compiled list.

Put all the materials you have together at your website and make a little noise about it. Sit back and watch what will happen to your business.

4. Competitors co-operating.

I know you do not like the sound of this but think about it. Airlines that are competitors work together by sending you to their competitors when they experience hang-ups. You can do the same.

When you can't do a job at a certain price, recommend one of your competitors you can vouch for. He will do the same one day. Again this is called Joint Venture online. Two or three businesses offering the same service come together. When you go to one, he asks you if you would like to hook up with the other. Your answer will naturally be yes.

Use it too and you will save yourself a whole lot of money.

5. Hosting an FFA site.

Similar to ebook and article directory. FFA means free for all. You can for instance host a site where you allow people to post ads for free. Their adds will usually stay there for a certain period of time. Once they come to you, you have the right to present your business to them and what an exposure that is.

What will come out of it will surprise you. Yahoo! Used this same secret and believe me it WORKS.

6. Ebook

Write a book on your area of expertise and give it out for free. You could even give out reprint rights to the book. Remember your business is right in the book. Those who make money from the book will work like crazy to advertise it and make profits. The more money they make, the more your exposure and since you wrote the book, all the traffic will naturally come back to you.

About the Author
Oluwafisayo is giving away a free ebook content available for viewing a (simply send in a blank email to see the content). The book content will be customised and optimised for you if you decide to use it and you will have your links in it and you will be able to make money from it.


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