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A Small Business Note

By Anie Anokuru
Posted Saturday, September 11, 2004

Today's article is What Small Business Is by Anie Anokuru.

As the first of many series, it is aimed at clarifying the definition of small business, for better understanding. It is assumed that you are an owner of a business concern or aspiring to be one.

Joining our list of subscribers will regularly afford you an opportunity of knowing the nitty-gritty of the small business and equip you with some vital 'tools' of managing it. I am certain you'll be much wiser.

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( |Unique profiles of home business lifestyles and answers to small business questions.
( |Useful forum for interaction on starting, running, growing a home business.

I am sure you'll be glad you did. Happy reading.


What Small Business Is

Think of that little business you're running from the convenience of your home. What of that grocery shop by the corner of the street? How do you classify the barber's where you regularly go for your hair cut? What of the beauty salon where many women converge at weekends?

Roberto, the efficient auto mechanic, will always ensure that cars brought to him for fixing in his workshop, are put right to owners' satisfaction. What's his workshop all about?

Imagine a list comprising these areas of business (Don't bother about their industrial classification) - Growing vegetables; wedding planning services; diary farming; events planning services; books shop; bee farming; car wash; real estate; nail manufacturing; cleaning services; saw milling; sealing wax production; outdoor catering; calcium carbonate production; courier services; potato farming; dress making; coconut processing; match-making(dating)services; herbs farming; liquor stores; limousine services; grease production; bone milling; vehicle rental services; waste paper conversion; investigation services; driving school; tour operator services; janitorial services; bar; dry cleaning; elementary school; pet care ... etc, etc, etc.

Waoh! The list can go on and on. You may even see the list as pointers to areas you can choose from - For those whose minds are not made up yet, about which area of business to start.

Take a close look at the above list again. You'll find something common to all of the items there. They're all small businesses. Checkout ( for some interesting e-books on small business.

I am sure we all know that small businesses cut across various industries. But the slight confusion here is that a business entity which falls into one industrial category may loom large relatively to its competitors, yet be small when we consider other parameters relative to businesses in other industries. Typical parameters are employment, assets, sales turnover, and what have you.

The question now is, what do we use as a 'marker' or 'yardstick' or 'measuring rod' for application to a business, to classify it as small?

Nevertheless, feel free to look at ( for unique profiles of home business lifestyles and answers to small business questions.

There are various definitions of the term "small business" without specific and careful definition of what "small" really is.

Some classify small business (or enterprise) as those businesses with an annual turnover of ... (US dollars, pounds sterling, euros, deutch marks, Japanese yen, etc, depending on where you're reading this from); those into manufacturing or processing of goods or service rendition with a capital investment not exceeding a certain amount of money.

Some say it is those whose scale of operation is not more than the average for the industry where their businesses belong.

Let's not split hairs about these tags or definitions. The question remains, what do we mean by small business?

You may be someone involved in whatever perception of small business there is, or an aspirant in this area. You can also be someone just seeking knowledge to enhance future decisions. Just note this - That a business should be regarded as Small Business - If it is actively managed by its owner; highly personalized; largely local in its area of operation; being relatively of small size within the industry; and largely dependent on internal sources of capital to finance its growth.

In a simpler form, if you're the owner of your business, you manage it, and you're always able to recall the first names of all your workers, then see your business as Small Business.

With this, you now know where you belong.

Consider the forum at ( for issues on small/home business. There is no better opportunity of benefiting your small business.

This ezine is meant for those who fall into the category embodied in the definition above. If you really belong here, it's you I'm writing for. I'm all out to enrich you with vital tips in this area.

The package I have in this "A Small Biz Note" series will be unraveled gradually, every other week (that is bi-monthly). Just lash on to this subscription and you'll be better for it.

Well, this concludes this article in the series of "A Small Biz Note".
I hope you enjoyed it, and will be looking forward to more articles in the series. If you have any questions or comments don't hesitate to forward

About the Author
Anie Anokuru

( |Useful e-books for small business success.
( |Essential tools for your Internet Marketing.
( |Useful forum for interaction on starting, running, growing a home business.
( |Unique profiles of home business lifestyles and answers to small business questions.


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