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Ads That Work

By Kevin Nunley
Posted Saturday, September 4, 2004

People always ask me, "How can I get commercials or ads that get me more customers?" They usually tell about a sad situation where they spent hard-earned cash on advertising that just didn't work. Here's a quick tip that will put a lot more punch into your marketing.

Remember these four little letters: A. I. D. A.

They stand for:





Those are the four mental steps you must lead a prospect through before he or she will buy your product or service. Before any selling can happen, you must get the prospect's attention. With so much advertising swirling around our heads these days, getting someone's attention can be a challenge. Keep your message simple, to the point, and exciting.

Get the prospect's interest by talking about what your product or service will do to make his or her life better. Nothing gets interest like time savers.

Build desire by repeating your ad over and over. Consistency works. Finally, make sure the prospect knows how to find you. Include phone numbers, address, email address, and URLs.

About the Author
Kevin Nunley provides marketing advice and copy writing for businesses and organizations. Read all his money-saving marketing tips at ( Reach him at or (801)253-4536.


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