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Adventures of a Newbie/Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

By Stephen Currier
Posted Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Have you let your new Part-time business overwhelm you? Do you not have time to even say hi to your family? With your regular job and building your new business, it just seems that you can't get it all done when it needs to get. What you need to do is take a deeeep breath and get yourself organized and scheduled.

If your like most people that really want to succeed, you've jumped into your new business with both feet without looking first. So now you find that you need to learn HTML,Java, PHP, marketing, Web design, ad copywriting, just too much to fit into your already busy schedule.

So what you have to do is make a plan for each day and realize that Rome was not built in a day.

Lets look at a typical day.


600 AM Get up,get ready for your 9-5er

700 AM You're off to work.

500 PM Leave work, hurrying home to get to what your really interested in,your business.

630 PM Get home,grab dinner plate and go to computer. Check email for sales,newsletters,other offers, answer and check website stats.

Before you know it,you're wife is asking you when you're going to bed and you noticed it's midnight and you still haven't gotten to that article that you need for Fridays newsletter. You figure you'll write it during lunch tommorrow. So you grab the ebook that you printed out and head for bed sometime around 1 AM.

Does this sound like your typical day, and that doesn't even take into account your regular workday load. You might have to bring home work to finish a report or do research for an upcoming project. How do you get it all Done?

Plan your day, my friend, plan your day.

You need to plan your day to get it all done and work your plan. If you don't finish something in the time you had allotted, then you will need to plan for the next day. If you don't you will always be going over the time you have alloted to working your business. Remember, you have time, don't let yourself get overloaded. That is just no fun at all.

And it's not good for family relations either or for your JOB while you still need it.

Plan 1 thing to accomplish each day. Whether it's placing ads, reading that new ebook on marketing, looking at new products or whatever is needed to build you business. Just don't overwhelm yourself and not get anything done. And schedule time for yourself and family so you don't get burnt out or alienate those you care about.

But,most of all,try to make the experierence enjoyable so that you can stay motivated and attain your goals

Copyright 2004 Stephen Currier

About the Author
Stephen Currier is a truck driver who also has an online business. He is new at the game of Intermarketing and has written a series of articles on the struggles that face most new people. Do you need a guide for your daily plan, get Free "30 days to Success". A daily guide to marketing on the internet. (


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