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Advertisers: Sharpen Your 5 Line Ad Skills

By LuAnn Elliott
Posted Sunday, August 8, 2004

You've heard it before, don't write your classified ads to sell your products. Write them to draw your potential customers in for a closer look.

Fine, but how? What elements need to be included in the limited space of a classified ad to get a response?

Let's assume we are working with a typical 5 line ad, and breakdown what you need to accomplish with each of those 5 lines.


This is the crucial one. If you fail here it doesn't matter what else your ad contains. The headline's SOLE purpose is to draw the attention of your target market. Not everyone's attention, just those who will be interested in your product.

Now what's the best way to get someone's attention? Call their name. So, first ask yourself, WHO is your target market? Title them, name them something to which they will answer. That's the first part of your headline, your target market's name.

The second part of your headline informs your target market what you are going to do for them. What is the main benefit of your product? What problem does it solve?


You now have your target market's attention. Now identify with them a little. Show that you can associate with them or feel what they feel. Think of the solution or benefit you want to provide. Show them you understand why that solution or benefit would be desirable.


You grabbed their attention, associated with their problem or desire. Now, revert back to the second part of your headline. Repeat it only expand on it just a little. You're not just identifying with them here, you're hinting at HOW you can offer a solution or benefit. Don't try to fully explain everything your product can do, just hint at some possibilities. Pique their interest, nothing more.


It's time to make your request, for them to click on your link, and put it in an immediate sense. Don't beg for a response, tell them what to do. Give a reason why they need to investigate your product further, and why they need to do it now. Then tell them to do so.


Double check that your link is right. All your advertising goes to nothing if your link is faulty. The best way to do this is actually copy the link after you've typed it, paste it in your browser, and see if it works.

Don't forget to use active words in your ads. Format each line to stand on it's own. Avoid long sentences, overuse of capitals, and misspelled words. Try to be concise, yet intriguing. The action you are seeking is simply to get your prospect to click a link looking for more information.

Keep that single goal in mind as you work through each line and in the end, that's the action you'll put across to your reader, and the result you'll get.

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